~so sorryyyyyy~

 Smlm ade last minute order drpd kawan kepada my colleage..dia nk order 2 kotak after dia rase cuppies yg my colleage order smlm tu...
i've to tell her that i've to double charge the price.. the reasons are;
  1. last minute order- which is klu kt mne2 pon mmg kna 2x charge
  2. my schedule is full- esp on wed to sat- bcz i'm engaging with another part time job
  3. i need to work till 3am to decorate the cuppies(as usual)
therefore.. please accept my apology if u guys are not satisfied with that service.. hope u can understand bcos my career is like 'rojak'. This is what my good fren told me.. huhu.. this is me& my life.. i'll not leave the chance that i get..(sgt tamak)..

oleh itu.. utk mengatasi masalah ni.. silalah order lebih awal.. utk order 1@2 kotak- at least 2 hari sblm tarikh nak.. lg byk nk order lg awal kna inform sy.. thank you so much for ur concern..