~:: Cupcakes+Flower Bouquet::~/ Table BOuquet~

Mission For Today~ Completed! 

Alhmdulillah~ stelah bhempas pulas memikirkan mcmane nk design cupcakes table bouquet requested by my friend; Nurul Alia Zulkifli.. akhirnya begitulah hasil yg sy dpt~ Pening lalat juga cari segala macam hiasan kt kedai~ situ sana sini sy cri lilac purple colour~ huhuhu~ 

Byk betul sy snap gmbr kali ni~ tk tau knpe~ mybe bcoz this bouquet is so special to me~ then i don't want to miss any best shot for this~ hehe


To all my friends yg teringin jga nk order cupcakes bouquet mcm ni~ blehla sms sy: 019-6570420(NIDA).. sy akan decorate ikut bajet anda smua~ so, don't worry~ starting price utk cupcakes bouquet RM 45 yer~ Enjoy Watching.. Loookinnng n Staaaarrinnnng ~~~ lalala