Salam everyone~~ macaroons fever~ huhu~ lme sy teringin nk mkn macaroons~ huhu tp tk bminat nk buat sendiri~ ntahla knpe~ then i ordered dgn kawan,nurul fawz~ dia ni dh lme buat bisnes bakeri since we graduated~and, believe it or not, i was inspired by her too~ (frankly)~~ this is her website:  http://ambitionbakers.com/~ please check it out! (^_^)

I was so happy to meet n share some experience with her~ She is soooo nice! byk btul dia share experience dgn ktorng~~  syukur sgt2 ada kawan mcm dia~ 

smlm dpt je macaroon ni terus ngap lam keta~ huhu sedap giler! seyes! sgt2 suke lg2 flavor blueberry~ macaroons ni sgt2 sesuai utk any events~ so, klu korg nk order macaroon bleh order ngn nurul fawz~ k