New!!!! Trial Pack Promotion~~

Dear Friends~ since there are so many requests of trial pack promotion~ Now, we offer to you our trial pack promotion especially for those who want to try our scrumptious cupcakes,tartlets, chocolates and etc for the first time~ 
We hope that by offering this with the most affordable price, our customers will enjoy the 'yummilicious' cakes /cupcakes/ tartlets and chocolates and we ensure the satisfaction until the last bite!!  And... of course the next order~ hehe

Here is the price list for our trial pack promotion (^_^)

Cupcakes (Assorted Flavors -max 2 flavors per box+ simple Butter cream Deco) ~ 6 cupcakes per Box
~ RM 15 ONLY! 

Cheese tart ~ Medium Size ~ Blueberry/Kiwi/Strawberry/ Chocolate~ 9 pcs per Box
~ RM 13.50 Only!

Fruit Tartlets (Fresh Fruits) ~ 9 pcs per Box 
~ RM 13.50 Only!!

~Chocolate ~ 
24 pcs per Box 
~ RM 18.50 Only!

 Apam Polka Dot (Medium Size) 
25 pcs per Box
~ RM 14 Only !!! 

Good News!!!!! 
MusNida akan berada di Perak-Penang- Kedah- Perlis pada 2-5 Jun 2011 ini~ pada yg berada di area yg berkenaan & ingin membuat tempahan~ SILA ORDER AWAL supaya kami boleh set time n pick up point. OK~

* Delivery charge RM 5.00 shj jika anda bersetuju dgn pick up point yg kami tentukan ** 
This delivery charge is only applicable for that duration ONLY!!!