~:: DoMO::~

Domo Cake~ order from my friend's student~ dpagi hari raya sebaik shj lpas solat sunat aidiladha~ terus delivery ke Ampang~
Tq Dear!
This time, my customer was so excited to get the cake~ <3...Then,
hastily~ I drove my lil car from BBS 2A to Ampang in 20 minutes~mmg the utmost unforgettable experience~ I was soooo lucky bcoz d traffic was quite ok~(yela..pagi raya sme sibuk ngn family)~ my younger sister pon dok senyap tk ckp pe lam keta..(sbb sgt ktakutan)hahahahaha...

To all my frequenter~ thnks for trusting me to do my job professionally~ I Love thee!!!