Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~::Carrot+Walnut Cupcakes::~ Highly Recommended!!

~:: Choc MOist Cake+ Fresh Cream Topping+Cadbury n Oreo Crush Deco::~

Super Yummy!!!! Fresh Cream + Cadbury+ Oreo crush~

~Red velvet cupcakes~ mini b/berry cheese tart~ mini fruit tartlets~ apam polkadot~

Birthday Bash for HAdi~ Hopefully next year ade org lain yg tlg order utk dia~ HAdi~ Selamat Hari Tue~ Same goes to you~ Siti Zulaikha Ismail yg kini jauh di Ipoh~ 

~ Carrot+Walnut Cake~

Carrot n walnut cake~ special request dr Abg Azmi Aman for his parents' special day~ 

This cake is baked by my beloved hubby~ Mr Muscamarol Effendy~ I was so jealous to him because he can bake well compared with me~ huhu~ I need to improve it!! Really!!

Carrot+Walnut cake ni nmpk pon mcm padat sbbnye mmg penuh ngn fresh carrot yg d parut+ walnut~ so kek ni tak kn naik mcm sponge cake~ 

Inilah hasil buah fikiran dn kerja 
tgn sy ~ huhu